Hello. My name is Noemi Millman, and Triopter is my web development agency. We handcraft beautiful, dynamic websites.

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My name is Noemi Millman, and I’m dedicated to building exciting and engaging websites.

I’ve been developing websites since 1997, and have been honing my skills since I discovered “web standards” in 2002. Before deciding to pursue a freelance career, I worked as an account manager and web producer at SankyNet, developing websites and running online marketing and fundraising campaigns for a number of wonderful non-profit organizations.


Triopter is my laboratory, soapbox, and playground. Here I’ll be posting questions, rants, and occasional experiments—mostly web related, but occasionally veering off into other topics.

Technical stuff?

You want acronyms? You’ve got acronyms. I can do almost anything you want with (X)HTML and CSS, and can throw in a bit of Javascript too. I emphasize accessibility and on-site SEO. I can develop scripts from scratch with PHP and MySQL or Django, and work with almost any open-source PHP/MySQL CMS you can name. I know enough Perl and ASP to get by.

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I love solving puzzles, and I like learning new things, so a technology I don’t know is just a challenge to apply myself to. Try me!

What else?

When away from the computer, I often do stage lighting design. I also picked up a bit of photography, initially so I could document my stage work. Since high school art classes, I’ve always been interested in the way that shapes are defined by light, and lighting and photography complement each other surprisingly well.