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First Steps: Configuring WordPress

I planned to document the process of setting up this site, so here’s the first installment.

Wordpress’s famous “five-minute installation” is great. In fact, a lot of web hosts even have a “one-click” installation process available that takes even less time and doesn’t even require you to find out things like your database login.

And a default Wordpress installation is very useful, and very close to ready to use. Its defaults for posting, commenting, and everything are very useful.

But there are always a few things I like to change. There are the obvious, such as setting up a tagline, …

A Fresh Start

Now that I’ve moved this domain from its old host, which was hacked, and then unresponsive, and in general not very satisfactory, it’s time to actually make something of it.

Adidas Logo - OopsOld Triopter Logo - Oops!I was going to apply a design that I’ve been working on, but then I realized that the logo I was working with bore an uncanny resemblance to the Adidas logo, and that I’d better start over. Oops.

So this is a completely fresh start, …