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Noemi Millman: Triopter: October, 2006 Archives

Django pretty much rocks

Well, I’ve built a basic blog application in Django, complete with comments (and comment moderation), categories, and date-based archives, that would actually be presentable on a public-facing website. It took a total of about 8 hours, and I’m very impressed with the framework.

My previous praise of the documentation was a little premature. The docs are a thousand times more approachable than RoR’s, and better categorized and stuff. But they’re very lacking in descriptions of syntax, or real-world examples, and in a few cases are out of date.

I spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to get …

Django vs. Ruby on Rails

Well, I’ve finished the beginner tutorials for both Django and Ruby on Rails, now.

I’d actually gone a bit further with Rails, beginning an attempt at writing an app, and then pulling up short for lack of clear documentation on working with many-to-many relationships, but that was a while ago, and the docs are a bit better now.

One thing that’s clear both from the types of tutorials they give and from the structure of the frameworks is that they were developed for different purposes.

Django was, as it claims, created for developing CMSes for content-heavy sites. It’s super easy to display …

Fixing up WP-SlimStat

One of my favorite WordPress plugins is WP-SlimStat, which allows you to track blog traffic in real time, and even if you don’t have access to raw log files and a log analysis software package.

Now, although SlimStat installed and ran without a hiccup on a couple of other blogs I administer, when I tried to add it to Triopter, it completely borked my blog, aborting the rendering of any page after the first post heading and before the content. The SlimStat dashboard panel was also coming up empty.

A few other people on the author’s blog had reported …