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Understanding Image Formats, Part 1: Vector vs. Raster

Several times a month, I find myself writing to a client to ask whether they can supply me with a specific image in a different format. Sometimes they not only are confused as to why I’d need another format, but they didn’t even know that there were different formats for images.

You’re probably already familiar with JPEG images, but today I’m going to tell you about some of the other formats web designers use (such as GIF, TIFF, PNG, EPS, PSD, AI, PDF, and SVG), and why we use them.

What Are Vector and Raster Images?

Here’s a piece of terminology that …

Resolving “local delete, incoming delete upon update” Subversion Tree Conflicts

NOTE 1: Before doing this, try using the svn resolve command.

NOTE 2: I’ve noticed a lot of traffic to this page for “local edit incoming delete on update” errors, which are not what this article is about (the solution below may or may not work for that — I have no idea). This article is about “local delete, incoming delete on update” errors. Always back up your work before you muck around with something like this, but that goes doubly if you’re going to try to use these instructions for the “local edit” error.

For …