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Updating DarwinPorts / MacPorts

OK, updating your DarwinPorts is pretty simple, but there are a couple of gotchas I thought I’d mention, since I came across them today.

  1. Start with a selfupdate: $ sudo port selfupdate to get the latest version of DarwinPorts itself and the latest installable software list.
  2. Do not, and I repeat do not, run $ sudo port upgrade all. It will try to install every port that exists. Which could take months.
  3. Dorun $ sudo port upgrade outdated, which will find all your installed ports that have new versions, and upgrade them.
  4. Most of the upgrades insgtall pretty quickly, but gcc takes

Six Steps to a Subversion Server on OS X with Darwinports

I’ve tried on at least three separate occasions to set up a CVS repository on my computer, but each time I’ve completely given up, mostly because getting the darn thing configured properly just seems to be beyond my abilities.

But besides that, CVS is really obsolete at this point, and Subversion has really taken over its status as the de facto standard for free, open-source revision control software.

Installation was yet another project that turned out to be super-easy with a little help from Darwinports.

Here’s the full set of steps to install:

  1. Grab Apache 2 off Darwinports and get it running separately

Adventures in DarwinPorts (Installing Apache2, PHP5, MySQL 4.1, PostgreSQL, and Django)

Yeah, that’s quite a mouthful.

I decided a couple weeks ago that I wanted to learn Django as well as Ruby on Rails. Django is a little bit less trendy, but seems to have more flexibility, and gives you an entire admin section of your app “for free”, as opposed to RoR, for which there are a zillion different ways to hack on user management, and no sense of “best practices” for a novice.

Django requires an up-to-date installation of Python, and a number of other dependencies, including a database API for Python. The best installation