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On the Pitfalls of Overseas Outsourcing

Outsourcing overseas can be tempting, and there are times when it is an appropriate approach to a web project. But it can be dangerous if you do not have the technical expertise to properly evaluate the quality of the work. Let me tell you a little story:

Recently a client came to me with a small project: a single new page on her site, password protected to keep out casual browsers and search engines, but not requiring a high degree of security.

When I’m very busy, as I am now, I occasionally subcontract to other American-based freelancers with whom I’ve …

Project Launch: Ad Council / Small Step Kids / Where the Wild Things Are

I recently launched a new campaign on the Ad Council’s Small Step Kids website — a joint campaign with the new Where the Wild Things Are movie. This project was my second with the Ad Council, and involved incorporating new elements into an existing design as well as some really fun custom design work, and I was pleased to see it go live. See some project details in my portfolio, or the live site.

A Freelancer’s Web Host

One thing every freelance web developer needs is a good web host. But there are two sides to this requirement: one needs a reliable and speedy host for one’s own web presence, and at the same time one needs a great deal of space and flexibility in order to set up staging environments for clients to review in-progress projects. I’d additionally like my development host to provide a centralized location for version control, as well as a few other functions. Since it’s not easy to find an inexpensive host that covers all of these bases, I’ve decided to separate these two functions out.