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Resolving “local delete, incoming delete upon update” Subversion Tree Conflicts

NOTE 1: Before doing this, try using the svn resolve command.

NOTE 2: I’ve noticed a lot of traffic to this page for “local edit incoming delete on update” errors, which are not what this article is about (the solution below may or may not work for that — I have no idea). This article is about “local delete, incoming delete on update” errors. Always back up your work before you muck around with something like this, but that goes doubly if you’re going to try to use these instructions for the “local edit” error.

For …

Subversion on OS X, Part 2: Your First Project

I ran into some permissions problems trying to actually get a project into the repository, so I thought I’d walk through how to get things working in just one try instead of twenty:

  1. Do Not put your repository under your Apache web root, or any virtual host web root. Just don’t. It won’t work.
  2. Apache needs read and write permissions on your Subversion directory. The simplest but perhaps not the most secure way to do this is, after you create the repository, to change the owner of the repository directory and all its contents to the user that Apache

Six Steps to a Subversion Server on OS X with Darwinports

I’ve tried on at least three separate occasions to set up a CVS repository on my computer, but each time I’ve completely given up, mostly because getting the darn thing configured properly just seems to be beyond my abilities.

But besides that, CVS is really obsolete at this point, and Subversion has really taken over its status as the de facto standard for free, open-source revision control software.

Installation was yet another project that turned out to be super-easy with a little help from Darwinports.

Here’s the full set of steps to install:

  1. Grab Apache 2 off Darwinports and get it running separately