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On the Pitfalls of Overseas Outsourcing

Outsourcing overseas can be tempting, and there are times when it is an appropriate approach to a web project. But it can be dangerous if you do not have the technical expertise to properly evaluate the quality of the work. Let me tell you a little story:

Recently a client came to me with a small project: a single new page on her site, password protected to keep out casual browsers and search engines, but not requiring a high degree of security.

When I’m very busy, as I am now, I occasionally subcontract to other American-based freelancers with whom I’ve …

Introducing Usertrack: Drupal Module to Track User Login / Logout Status

As part of a recent project for the excellent Nolej Studios, I needed a way to track which Drupal users are currently logged in — this is surprisingly not really possible using the Drupal core, and even more surprisingly not supported by any contrib modules than I could identify.

The obvious solution was to code my own module, and here it is: usertrack. You can also check it out from Subversion at http://svn.triopter.com/drupal/usertrack/trunk/usertrack/ .

Usertrack includes simple Views integration for filtering, sorting, and annotating your User view with login status and last logout date. Please read the …

Site Launch: Margaret Wolfson

In Mid-January I launched a redesigned website for storyteller and creative professional Margaret Wolfson. The site design was provided by the talented Irasema Rivera of Big I Ranch Design Studio.

More info about the site.