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NKMImageField 0.6 WordPress Plugin: Updates and Bug Fixes!

I spent this evening working on my Wordpress plugin, NKMImageField, fixing most of the bugs mentioned in the previous comment thread. The result is NKMImageField v0.6, which is now available for download from the Wordpress plugins site.

If you aren’t familiar with the plugin, it duplicates the image management dialogue to permit you to attach images to a post as metadata using a simple graphical interface — instead of having to locate, copy, and paste the URL into a custom field.

The new version allows fields to be accessed properly outside the Wordpress Loop as well as on archive …

Project Launch: Ad Council / Small Step Kids / Where the Wild Things Are

I recently launched a new campaign on the Ad Council’s Small Step Kids website — a joint campaign with the new Where the Wild Things Are movie. This project was my second with the Ad Council, and involved incorporating new elements into an existing design as well as some really fun custom design work, and I was pleased to see it go live. See some project details in my portfolio, or the live site.

Django 1.0: Filtering object list and ForeignKey (ModelChoiceField) in Admin Site (contrib.admin)

PLEASE NOTE: The following explanation refers to Django v1.0 and is no longer fully applicable. Since DJango 1.1 or so, the request object is passed to ModelAdmin.formfield_for_dbfield and the new ModelAdmin.formfield_for_foreignkey by default, which makes this much simpler to accomplish.

I’m currently building a custom multi-blogging application in Django, and one of the challenges I ran into when developing the admin section was how to restrict users to seeing and editing only their own data.

Imagine the following (simplified) models:

class Blog(models.Model):
  owner = models.OneToOneField(User, primary_key=True)
  title = models.CharField(max_length=32)

class Entry(models.Model):
  blog = models.ForeignKey(Blog)
  slug = models.SlugField(max_length=255, db_index=True)
  headline = models.CharField(max_length=255)
  content = models.TextField()

If I want to show the …