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NKMImageField 0.6 WordPress Plugin: Updates and Bug Fixes!

I spent this evening working on my Wordpress plugin, NKMImageField, fixing most of the bugs mentioned in the previous comment thread. The result is NKMImageField v0.6, which is now available for download from the Wordpress plugins site.

If you aren’t familiar with the plugin, it duplicates the image management dialogue to permit you to attach images to a post as metadata using a simple graphical interface — instead of having to locate, copy, and paste the URL into a custom field.

The new version allows fields to be accessed properly outside the Wordpress Loop as well as on archive …

NKMImageField Updated!

Version 0.3.1 has been released, and should fix the problems experienced with earlier versions. It has been tested with Wordpress 2.7. See the original announcement for details.

Announcing NKMImageField – A Custom Image Field Plugin for WordPress

UPDATE 12/15/09: With the release of version 0.6, I’m closing comments on this post. Please continue discussion over at the release announcement post.

UPDATE 2/9/09: This plugin has been updated to version 0.3.1 and is available for download from the Wordpress site.

Have you ever wanted to add a custom field to a Wordpress post or page that contained an image URL — for instance, to use in a template?

You’ve probably noticed that it’s a real pain in the rear: you have to find the URL for the image and then copy and paste it into a field. …