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Noemi Millman: Triopter: Covenant House International Candlelight Vigil For Homeless Kids

Covenant House International Candlelight Vigil For Homeless Kids

Date: 2007

Site: candlelight.covenanthouse.org

While working at SankyNet, I participated in the development of this social networking fundraising project from conception to completion, overseeing all technical aspects, and working collaboratively with the account manager, designer, and copywriting team to build a vision of the site.

I designed the database backend to the site; collaborated with a freelancer to develop the website functionality and e-commerce, using Subversion to synchronize our work; oversaw the conversion of the design to HTML; and assembled the various parts into the final website.

This campaign, promoted in concert with an internationally televised candlelight vigil in Times Square and a series of smaller vigils in cities and towns across the globe, raised five figures of income online in its first season. Using “viral” techniques, it helped promote the client’s mission, via personal social networks, to hundreds of thousands of people, of whom several thousand chose to participate actively online. While we had originally envisioned further interactive and viral features for the site, we were able to scale down the concept to meet the client’s budget.

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