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Noemi Millman: Triopter: Freedom From Hunger

Freedom From Hunger

Date: 2005 - 2007

Site: www.freedomfromhunger.org

Freedom From Hunger is a client I worked with while at SankyNet. They are a unique international microfinance organization that combines health and business education with small business loans to impoverished women in developing countries.

The design for this website was provided by a third-party; I developed a simple PHP “wrapper” system to apply the page layout HTML consistently across a large, content-heavy site. I also developed several forms for communication between visitors and the organization, as well as donation forms for online fundraising (i.e. e-commerce).

In addition, I coordinated the development of several additional features (“Passport Game”, “Recipe Tell-a-Friend”, and special E-Cards) for a “Freedom From Hunger Day” online awareness event in 2007.

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